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Renegades Lacrosse, Inc. Covid-19 Policy & Health Guidelines


The following information is provided to give you an understanding of our current COVID-19 policy.  In order to return to the field of play, it’s imperative that we do our best to create a safe environment for everyone involved: our athletes, coaches, spectators, referees and visiting programs. The following information is not intended to be a substitute for guidelines published by the NJ Department of Health, Morris County Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), or any other governing/regulatory body.  Our goal is to supplement the established guidelines with practical steps we can follow to create a safer environment for all.  In addition, all referrals, including text and directional links to other sources of information, are provided for a general understanding of COVID protocols only.


The conditions related to COVID-19 are changing constantly, including variant strains of the virus that are yet to be understood and, as such, Renegades Lacrosse makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this information. Further, we ask that you seek advice from medical professionals and/or public health officials if you have specific questions about your child’s return to playing organized lacrosse. Helpful links for reference and guidance are available by accessing the websites of the following organizations: US Lacrosse, the CDC and the NJ DOH COVID site.


In order to participate in any sanctioned events involving Renegades Lacrosse, Inc., all players, coaches,  spectators and other attendees MUST adhere to specifically required guidelines from the NJ DOH Guidance for Sports Activities, US Lacrosse, Local Department of Health or other governing/regulatory bodies, which include the following, subject to further and ongoing revisions as the season progresses:


  1. Athletes must complete a daily wellness check for all practices, games, and events – and submit proof of compliance by 3pm on weekdays and 9am on weekends; the link to complete the wellness check can be accessed through or;
  2. Without proof of compliance with the above stated protocol, your child will NOT be allowed to participate in any event involving Renegades Lacrosse.  In addition, only the athlete who has completed the daily wellness check will be allowed access to the team, coaches or other members of our organization;
  3. All athletes must check in with a Team Manager or assigned Assistant Team Manager PRIOR to entering a field of play or other location secured for practice or games;
  4. No athlete is permitted to attend practice, games, or other sponsored events if not feeling well, have symptoms of COVID-19, or if having been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the prior 14 days;
  5. It is expected that families may choose to travel for vacation or Holidays; if you travel out of state, we require disclosure to the program for the safety of others.  The following is a helpful link to travel restrictions and requirements. .  A 10-day quarantine will be enforced upon return if traveling to a restricted state and no test is taken by the athlete or 7 days after completion of a negative test (Source: CDC Guidelines 2/11/21);
  6. Facemasks for coaches and spectators are required; there are no exceptions to this rule;
  7. When arriving and departing practice/games, everyone must wear a mask or face shield. For players, a facemask or a helmet shield is required at all times other than on the field of play, where it may be removed; For girls only – a facemask is required to take the draw;
  8. Coaches will promote and maintain social distancing to the best of their ability;   
  9. Drinks and water bottles need names applied to prevent mistaken handling by other athletes.


We recognize the challenge that the above stated requirements place on everyone; we know there will be lapses, but we also know how important it is to have our kids back on the field playing the sport we all love.  We cannot do this without you, and we cannot have a season without these protocols in place. 

Communication is critical to making this work, so let us know how and where we can improve.  We’ll adjust to the changing circumstance the best way possible.  It is our goal to have a full and complete lacrosse season and it will take all of us to get there.   


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Renegades Lacrosse, Inc. Board of Directors


Resources: US Lacrosse Return to Play


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