Girls Lacrosse – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the practice/game schedule and information posted?

A: It will be on the website and also TeamSnap, where you will receive all your alerts once you download the app.


Q: What lacrosse equipment do I need to get?

A: A women's stick, goggles, cleats, and a mouthguard (NOT clear, white, or red)


Q: What does it typically cost to get all the necessary gear?

A: A starter package (stick/goggles) can range from $40-$100.


Q: I see grades 2nd through 8th are listed as travel teams. Is this a tryout? What if my daughter is new to lacrosse? What's the difference between recreation and select? Is Renegades Lacrosse a travel program?

A: We are a recreation team that travels and plays other recreation teams and other towns. There are no cuts, and everyone who signs up gets to play. The select team is for higher-level players. There is a tryout and possible cuts, along with an expected commitment to attend practices and tournaments.


Q: How far do we have to travel for games?

A: Games are played against teams in and around Morris County, with the exception of Sparta. The select team may be required to travel a bit further.


Q: My daughter plays multiple sports or has various after-school activities. How much commitment is expected?

A: We encourage our athletes to play in as many sports throughout the year as possible to develop into well-rounded athletes. The girls must understand that lacrosse is a team sport that requires practice to be proficient. Starting in grades 7/8, we expect the girls to commit to playing single-sport seasons so that team concepts can be taught. Missing too many practices or games to attend other events can slow the development of your daughter and the team concepts we are trying to develop.


Q: What’s the penalty for not coming to a game or practice?

A: Missing a game or practice will limit the amount of playing time a player has in a game for safety reasons, as they may not fully understand the concept of the game.


Q: Can my daughter pick her playing position?

A: At the younger grade levels we encourage every player to play every position, including goalie. As they get older, players will gravitate towards one or two positions. Coaches will still encourage players to play multiple positions but may identify areas of need, and players may be assigned these positions.


Q: Can my daughter play on other lacrosse teams?

A: Our rules prohibit players from playing on other teams during our season. If players are found to be playing on other teams during the season, they will be asked not to return the Renegades Lacrosse and registration fees will be forfeited. This applies to other JgLA teams within our league. Girls are permitted to play club lacrosse as long as it does not interfere with their Renegades practices/games.


Q: When does the season start? How long does it last?

A: The season begins March 1st and ends the first weekend of June.


Q: How do we know if a practice or game is canceled?

A: You will be notified via TeamSnap.


Q: Besides games, do teams participate in other events like tournaments and festivals?

A: Yes, we try to send all grade levels to one or two tournaments during the season. There is no extra cost for this, they are included in your registration fees.


Q: How do we address a concern as parents?

A: Renegades lacrosse program has a 24-hour policy. When a concern arises, with the exception of an injury, we suggest waiting for 24 hours before addressing the issue with the head coach. We recommend the head coach first. If you are not satisfied with the head coach’s response, you can bring the issue to the girl’s director. If you are still not satisfied, you can request to bring your concern to the Renegades board.


Q: How are your coaches selected? Do they have credentials?

A: Head coach volunteer candidates have their qualifications reviewed and are selected by the Girls Director. The head coach selects assistant coaches. All coaches are required to obtain USA Lacrosse - Level 1 Certification. In addition, all coaches are required to be Rutgers SAFETY certified, attend a Renegades Coaches Clinic, receive a Positive Coaches Alliance certificate, and get a background check.


Q: Do we have to fundraise?

A: As a program, we have decided that we will only fundraise through our annual Romp in the Swamp tournament. All parents are required to volunteer during the Romp tournament.


Q: Does Renegades Lacrosse have insurance if my child gets injured?

A: Yes, we fall under the Rockaway Township's insurance policy. In order to file a claim, an accident report must be filled out by your head coach. Please note that if your coach holds a voluntary practice or organizes a team to play games or participate in an event outside the season, neither Renegades Lacrosse nor Rockaway Township is liable for any injuries that occur. You can seek coverage through USA Lacrosse if your insurance doesn't cover you.


Q: What is this USA Lacrosse Membership fee and why do I have to pay for it?

A: USA Lacrosse membership fee gives you access to various resources offered by a National organization, including an additional insurance policy. In order for Renegades Lacrosse to participate in various games and tournaments, we need everyone involved to be covered under this membership.

Q: How can I volunteer?

A: Great organizations like Renegades Lacrosse can only succeed with great volunteers. There are always things you can do to help, from being a team parent, to coaching, to time/score-keeping at games, to helping out at the Romp in the Swamp. If you are interested, contact the head coach of your daughter's team or the Girls Director to express your interest.